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Being arrested and investigated for a crime can be devastating. You need an experienced professional to help you endure the uncertainty and navigate the process. The firm’s experience working with Judges, District Attorneys, and in the Public Defenders’ Office make us the right team to help you achieve the best outcome in your case. We take decisive, proactive measures during every phase of the criminal process to prepare your defense and offer you peace of mind. We pride ourselves on being prepared, diligent and respectful of our clients throughout the process, whether your case is large or small.

The Law Office of Gabrielle Bass handles all misdemeanor and felony cases including (but not limited to):

Driving Under the Influence (DUIs)

Whether you are charged with a felony or misdemeanor, our office will carefully examine the facts and evidence of your case to determine whether we can quickly resolve the matter by suppressing evidence wrongfully obtained during an unlawful search, detention and arrest. If not, we will provide zealous representation to ensure that your rights are protected with a solid defense. We can also help you through the administrative proceeding with the DMV following your arrest.

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Drug and Controlled Substance Cases

Did you know that a drug-related arrest can impact your employment, license, and even custody of your children? We can help you defend against those consequences by stepping in early and providing representation during every phase of your case. Our early assessment of your case may reveal that the charges against you were the result of an unlawful search. Should your case move forward, our early involvement will ensure that you have a properly formed defense right away.

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Violent Crimes

A violent conviction, even at a misdemeanor level, can mean jail time and even disqualify a person from certain employment opportunities. Our office will strive to negotiate for a dismissal or reductions in charges to non-violent offenses to prevent our clients from suffering many of the unforeseen consequences a violent crime conviction carries.

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We all make mistakes and do things we quickly regret. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system is not always forgiving and a criminal record can follow you for the rest of your life. A criminal record could negatively impact your employment, benefits, credit, child custody or drivers license. We are firm believers that your mistakes should not determine your future and we are committed to helping our clients get a fresh start. Protect your future today by calling our office to see if your criminal record can be cleared or expunged.

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